Special Guest: Bruce Hunter, Senior Forensic Examiner, Cellebrite

In this episode, we are joined by Bruce Hunter, the senior training developer at Cellebrite. Bruce will discuss the Apple File System (APFS) and Big Sur, Apple’s latest operating system that was launched in late November 2020.

Part of Bruce’s role includes developing and researching information for the Apple forensics course and the advanced Apple forensics course. He also teaches those classes.

In 2014, Apple made the decision that they needed to make a file system that was more up to date with other modern operating systems. As a result, they started working on APFS and eventually converted all the iOS devices to APFS.

This episode will cover:

  • APFS, macOS Big Sur, and M1 Mac Computers
  • What changes are there to APFS?
  • How did we get here and why is Apple making these changes?
  • How does Big Sur affect forensic analysis?
  • What about M1 computers?

Watch the full episode to learn more about the security on macOS devices, how it affects analysis, APFS, and Big Sur.

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