The next generation of digital forensics students has grown up with digital technology as an integral part of their lives. To transform this raw talent into future-ready, digital forensics professionals, universities need to provide courses that cover the most relevant solutions used by law enforcement agencies every day to solve real crimes.

As the industry leader in digital intelligence (DI), Cellebrite recognizes the tremendous responsibility and challenge that universities have in keeping their curriculum up-to-date. To answer this challenge, Cellebrite has developed a comprehensive course with students and recruiters from law enforcement agencies in mind, that is easily integrated into existing university curriculums.

Empowering Staff to Teach with State-Of-The-Art Solutions

The course provides the same solutions used in Cellebrite forensics labs around the world to students who want to learn how to access, manage, and analyze digital data from the latest devices and digital channels. University staff can be confident in advancing their students’ skill set with an industry-proven course that includes strategic content and hands-on experience. Students will be able to enter the workforce landscape with the most up-to-date digital forensics due-processes and best practices accepted by courts.

Avoiding Another Tech Workforce Shortage

Agencies are looking to recruit new digital forensics employees who have practical experience using industry-standard solutions that are certified by judicial systems around the world. Tech-savvy students entering university may be oblivious to the exploitation of digital data and devices by criminals whose cases are flooding the justice system

It is important for students to understand that law enforcement’s digital challenge will present many opportunities for career advancement just as it has in other industries that have become dominated by digital technologies.

To fill in the growing digital forensics employment landscape and avoid the shortage crisis being experienced in the Cybersecurity workforce, universities must plan now to prepare the next generation of digital investigators and examiners for the job market.

When top digital forensics talent is educated with cutting-edge solutions, agencies can look forward to diminishing crime through DI in a world that demands a steeper learning curve.

Cellebrite’s Academic Partnership Program

Cellebrite’s Academic Partnership Program promotes the growing importance of digital forensics in public safety, military, and intelligence operations, as well as enterprise security. Cellebrite provides qualified students with a path to the Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO) and Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA) certifications.

Students gain insights into how to use mobile data to help solve real cases and learn best practices to extract, decode, analyze, and report on digital mobile evidence.

Cellebrite-certified candidates can look forward to a faster onboarding experience that makes the whole recruitment process more efficient for both agencies and employees.

Our Commitment

Cellebrite is committed to offering DI solutions for a safer world. It is the undisputed global leader in the emerging market of software solutions, AI, and analytics tools that allow law enforcement agencies, government and enterprises to accelerate criminal investigations and address the challenges of crime and security in a digital world. More than 6,000 agencies, in more than 150 countries, use Cellebrite DI solutions.

Discover what the Cellebrite Academic Partnership Program can do for your faculty today.

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