As businesses begin to reopen and communities emerge from lockdown, it is important to remember that while sheltering in place flattened the infection curve in many places, the virus is still out there. Until testing is widely available, flare-ups of the coronavirus are going to happen. Using consent-based information to pinpoint hotspots will be critical to controlling future outbreaks and keeping communities safe as we slowly return to a more normal way of life.

No Plan is Perfect

While a number of app-based solutions are being proposed to identify infected individuals and warn those who might have been in contact with them, all have their drawbacks:

•  Large numbers of people must opt in for the app to be effective.
•  False negatives are common.
•  Privacy concerns may negatively impact large-scale adoption.

Additionally, in places like the United States, traditional contact tracing methods done by a trained group of dedicated people on state and local levels is being considered. This is a time-consuming process that includes making phone calls and identifying areas that may be at risk manually.

Cellebrite, the world leader in digital intelligence solutions, recently released a whitepaper, which outlines a new solution that helps eliminate privacy concerns by utilizing consent-based information to focus on accessing geographic location information for the two-week period of time prior to when a patient is formally diagnosed with COVID-19.

digital intelligence to reduce covid-19 contact tracingThe paper clearly defines what contact tracing is and the pros and cons of extant applications before unveiling Community Shield, Cellebrite’s new digital intelligence solution that empowers health officials to deploy consent-based contact tracing to visualize movements and potential transmission paths of those who contract the virus. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s available right now.

As shelter-in-place restrictions are slowly lifted, cooperation between private citizens, public health officials, and our respective governments will be critical. Sharing location information through solutions like Community Shield will be one way that all of us can do our part to keep infection levels low and our communities safe.

Check out the infographic below to see how Cellebrite Community Shield works.

Cellebrite Community Shield Contact Tracing Solution for COVID-19