As urban centers in an internet-connected world become more multilingual societies, it is increasingly common for law enforcement to encounter criminals from diverse ethnic backgrounds who communicate in multiple languages. Moreover, as an increasing amount of people cross borders each day, transnational crime can exploit language barriers to keep communications and activities covert.

When frontline officers and investigators are under time constraints to comprehend critical communications but interpreters are not readily available, a quick and scalable solution is required.

Cellebrite has launched Smart Translator (powered by SDL) to lower the barriers when examining multilingual content. This solution will positively impact law enforcement and border-control efficiency while reducing the cost of ongoing translation services.

The Smart Translator Add-on

Smart Translator is a translation service add-on located within Cellebrite Physical Analyzer that delivers on-demand examination of text in over 40 languages. The original text is displayed alongside the translation and operates in real time, even without internet connectivity.

Because Smart Translator is integrated into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, it seamlessly functions within existing investigative workflows. This streamlined add-on also safeguards sensitive content by keeping translations in-house without the need for specialized training. The offline solution’s on-demand translation removes the dependency on outsourced translators, which shortens the time-to-evidence.

SDL Partnership

With over 25 years of experience supporting global brands, SDL is the worldwide leader and innovator in language and content management solutions. Using the latest advances in the field of artificial intelligence and neural machine translation, SDL provides the broadest language support.

As the probability of finding foreign-language digital content during investigations increases, Cellebrite’s Smart Translator is ready to perform translation of digital evidence in a forensically sound manner to expedite the investigative process.

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