In this episode, Micah Hoffman, Founder at Spotlight Infosec and a SANS Instructor, will talk about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and how it pertains to cybersecurity. (Micah wrote the Open Source Intelligence Class SEC487.)

Micah also founded as a source of quality, actionable, Open Source Intelligence news, original blogs, instructional 10-minute Tip videos, and a bi-weekly webcast/podcast. was launched to inspire people to go beyond their OSINT-comfort zones and pursue their OSINT passions. Basically, this is the website to go to for reliable information on all things OSINT.

For those not familiar with OSINT, it’s essentially what you are probably doing every day as an examiner, whether you are looking up the reputation of a company of interest or if you have a data dump from a phone and you have a bunch of user names and are trying to attach a person’s contact details to the user names.

Typical OSINT can be conducted in a variety of ways from intercepting TV signals to scanning newspapers, activities are mainly concerned with data online because it is accessible. Instead of focusing on the usual themes of IP address, domain names, and user attribution, Micah will explore the “people stuff.”

Listen to the podcast to find out what this can mean to your investigation.

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