In this episode, we host Cody Flowers, a digital forensics examiner, who will discuss research he is conducting within G-Suite to facilitate professional collaboration.

Cody is an experienced digital forensics examiner who saw a need during the Covid-19 crisis to create a collaborative G-Suite space for people in the field of digital forensics. Since most people are unable to meet in labs and be physically present to practice different skill sets, he is researching solutions to enable more virtual collaboration.

Through G-Suite, he has created a virtual platform to enable people to remain interconnected and continue their forensic exploration in a shared environment. He also sees the possibility for it to become a sort of virtual academy for the field of digital forensics.

Using the Google Classroom feature of G-Suite, he has created this collaborative space featuring courses and quizzes across all levels and specializations. Teachers and students can now easily join to post information and share ideas. Cody’s virtual space is a wonderful collaboration platform and learning opportunity that is accessible anywhere in the world.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about Cody’s research with G-Suite in creating a new virtual digital forensics platform.

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