iNPUT-ACE is a Cellebrite partner delivering video investigation tools within the Cellebrite Digital Intelligence Platform.

Managing the Video Challenge

As CCTV technology developed incrementally over several years in various industries, thousands of different proprietary formats were created by DVR manufacturers. In order to playback a specific format correctly, the original video needs to be played in specific proprietary players built by the manufacturer.

If the video file is played in any proprietary player (including the one made by the manufacturer), the video data can be misread. For example, frames can be dropped, colors can be changed, and object shapes can be altered. This is true for proprietary players and is also true for standard players like VLC and Windows Media Player.

To avoid distorting original video footage, investigators need professional video investigation tools to replay multi-format video data accurately and without alteration.

iNPUT-ACE, a powerful video workflow engine, goes beyond just streamlining video performance to allow investigators to easily drag, drop, and play numerous and varied proprietary surveillance videos in one solution.

What the Growing Amount of Video Data Means for Investigations

As IP-based video surveillance technologies increase penetration into markets in the U.S., U.K., China, and Brazil, more crimes and criminal activities will inevitably be caught on camera. The rising amount of video data will mean that more file types and formats will need to be ingested by video investigation solutions. These solutions will need to recognize relevant events caught on camera and map them to a timeline.

The Video Synopsis feature in Cellebrite Pathfinder reduces hours (if not weeks), of manual review time for investigators. When used with other digital evidence organized by the Cellebrite Digital Intelligence Platform, video evidence can be overlaid to build the narrative of events and participants in a crime.

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