As a former police officer, I’ve watched how video evidence used in criminal investigations has evolved over the years. Back in the day, everything was analog and really easy to work with.

Today, however, we’ve moved into the digital age, where nearly every criminal investigation involves video evidence. In fact, we’re now seeing video as the most prolific source of evidence available to investigators.

The challenge for investigators, however, comes when they encounter proprietary digital video recording systems. All of those systems are different, making it difficult for investigators to access the original information. Without the original data, they can’t rely on its authentication.

iNPUT ACE is a tool that simply provides an easy, interoperable, drag-and-drop utility that allows investigators to bring in non-standard, proprietary files, that traditionally would have been impossible to view, to watch the video in its original form.

iNPUT ACE and Cellebrite partnered to offer a video forensics solution that makes video examinations much easier. Using the Cellebrite Seeker Solution, investigators don’t have to think about the mechanics of accessing the original video. They can simply watch it, pull still images from it, make sub-clips, and perform certain examinations with the video to move their investigations forward at a much faster rate.

Find out about Cellebrite’s Video Evidence Recovery and Analysis (VERA) Course here.

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