Special guest: Chris Weber, Contract Developer and Trainer for Cellebrite

Chris Weber developed our CEFA python course, which was designed for people without any previous experience in Python. The beauty of Chris’s course is that by the end of the week participants are be able to write scripts to parse databases and add data. In this podcast, he will explore how to use Python for digital forensics.

Many people feel initially intimidated when they consider using Python in their everyday workflow, but after introducing just one hour of code over the span of 100 days, some useful skills can be confidently achieved.

Chris works for the Modesto Police Department in California. He has been teaching for Cellebrite for the last two years and practicing digital forensics since 2012. He has been working with Python for the last four years. In this podcast, he discusses Cellebrite’s built-in Python shell and how it is user friendly to perform simple yet useful scripts.

Listen to the podcast to find out how you can easily advance your skillset with Python.  

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