In this episode, I’m joined by SANS Instructor, Kathryn Hedley, to discuss the DFIR Fit 2022 Challenge.

DFIR Fit is an annual event, that started in 2017, where DFIR professionals join a community as active participants who share and motivate each other to complete a fitness challenge.

This year, the journey starts from Flippin, Arkansas, and s in Corona, California.

DFIR Fit 2022 Challenge Resources include a spreadsheet to convert metrics, a Google form to track minutes, and much more.

 There are two ways you can participate in the #DFIRFitin2022 challenge*:

  1. Join the MVM challenge and convert all of your activities to miles, to progress along the virtual route from Flippin to Corona

  2. Submit your minutes of activity using the Google Form

*Both participation methods will be eligible for monthly prize draws.

Follow hashtag #DFIRfit at Twitter:

Find #DFIRfit Sport-Tek performance shirt  here:

Listen to the entire episode to learn how you can get fit, stay motivated and possibly win a prize.

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