Speaker: Heather Mahalik – Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Cellebrite and Certified SANS instructor

In this episode, Heather provides guidance on how to break into the digital forensic and incident response (DFIR) field, however, any role in cybersecurity is relevant to the topics covered.

Heather is often asked, “How did you get your start? Where can I get more information?”

In this podcast, Heather shares her advice gleaned from her own experience and other digital forensic experts who answer the various ways you can become successful in developing your career path in DFIR.

Digital forensics career starting points discussed will include:

  • Get your mind right before you dive in: You need to have some kind of inherent interest in forensics.
  • Manage your expectations: Are you a good cultural fit? Is your previous experience transferable? If you are doing a career change you may just be initially paid for learning.
  • Training: Where to start? Vendor training vs. Vendor Neutral training. It’s not just about certification but about your own learning initiatives to test, validate, and assimilate the material.
  • Certifications
  • Internships

Listen to the podcast to find out more ways to prepare yourself for a career in digital forensics.

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