Many investigators are struggling with a backlog of data. Cellebrite Pathfinder is an advanced analytics tool that can help you with that problem by quickly sifting through data and presenting it to you in a way that may not have jumped out at you before. If you haven’t given it a try, reach out for a demo here.

Pathfinder provides investigators with a unique view of digital datasets as it scans all messages for topics of interest. “Topic detection” is one of the key time-saving features to use when thousands of chat messages are recovered from a device.

The investigator can review these findings by going to Topics in Pathfinder and filtering for key chats of interest. Our team has worked hard to develop Topics and keywords of interest like age, family, drugs, money, and more that may be relevant to your investigations.

Let’s take a closer look at how Cellebrite Pathfinder works.

In this example, I’m going to start with “Family” as my Topic. I click on “Topics,” then “Family,” then press “Apply.”

Once applied, you’ll see things like “congrats mama,” “mom go to sleep,” “sister,” “daughter,” “son,” and so on.

What Cellebrite Pathfinder is doing here is going through and scanning these chats to find all the keywords that could be associated with “Family.”

Now, let’s say you’re working an investigation where you have to prove someone’s age. There is an “Age” detection topic in Pathfinder. If I click on that, you can see there are 172 hits within my conversations.

When I apply it, you’ll see it says, “I think that’s an old test,” “I think I’m getting older,” “15 years old,” “your 3 year old looks like a five-year-old,” “your son is at a hard age.”

You’re going to see a lot of these types of artifacts in Pathfinder searches that associate keywords with age such as “adult” or “youth.” Any word that is associated with the age of an individual will be included here. This could be useful when working an investigation where you need to prove the age of someone at the time they were talking to another individual.

Moreover, you will also be able to find keywords that you may not have initially identified as something of interest. Maybe a user was talking about a “rubber ducky” that was a code word for some drugs that they were going to sell. Searches for these kinds of things can all be built into this extremely powerful tool that we hope helps your investigations. 

Learn more about the time-saving features of Cellebrite Pathfinder, here.

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