Digital intelligence (DI), is the data that is extracted from ever-expanding digital sources and data types—smartphones, computers, and the Cloud—and the process by which agencies access, manage, and leverage data to more efficiently run their operations. It encompasses the information that we collect from cellphones, video systems, computers, and other digital sources. It forms a holistic view of an event.

The digital video workflow enables the extraction of all relevant digital information and presents it in a way that allows an investigator to understand the source. Moreover, the investigator is empowered to adequately examine and move digital evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom in a forensically sound manner where all the information is collected, examined, and analyzed.

Why Video Evidence Is Critical

Most police agencies require their officers to wear body cameras. Many have cameras in their cars. If you walk into any kind of a government building or school, there are cameras recording everything. Businesses also commonly use video surveillance as a security measure. So, virtually every criminal investigation today is touched by video evidence.

How effectively the investigators get to that information and how well they integrate video evidence with other Digital Intelligence really determines the success of their investigation.

Cellebrite and iNPUT ACE have put together a digital video evidence workflow designed for investigators. Now, investigators can add and infuse metadata into all of their video files to move data from its source to the courtroom quickly and more efficiently.

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