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Incorporating Time Sequenced Video and Mobile Data into Case Timelines

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Videos and images are key sources of evidence in investigations. But tying your video evidence into your other evidence sources even digital can be challenging. 

Join us for our webinar “Incorporating Time Sequenced Video and Mobile Data into Case Timelines” co-hosted by Cellebrite and iNPUT-ACE. Our panel of experts will discuss how to effectively infuse data into video evidence to track a suspect’s journey and help drive an investigation.

View webinar to learn:

  • How to effectively use video evidence to accelerate your investigation
  • How to infuse data into video evidence to deliver a clear picture of events and map a suspect’s journey
  • How the integration of iNPUT-ACE video solutions with Cellebrite Pathfinder can help expedite the resolution of investigations
  • How Cellebrite is expanding our Digital Intelligence Platform to include video evidence


  • Yohai West Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cellebrite
  • Ben Armon Senior Product Manager at Cellebrite
  • Andrew Fredericks Technical Director at iNPUT-ACE