In this episode, we are joined by multiple members of the Cellebrite team who will be introducing the new Cellebrite Physical Analyzer Ultra, also known as PA 8.

The main highlight of this new version is that you will no longer need to reparse all data in the event of needing to reboot your system in the middle of an extraction.

Highlights of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer Ultra:

  • Supports a larger scale and volume of data for evidence and cases.

  • All data is stored on an internal database. This ensures that there is no need to reparse data when reopening a case. It also allows for easier access while working multiple cases in parallel.

  • Supports a unified view for computer, mobile, and cloud data.

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer Ultra is available through the Design Partner Platform which can be accessed from the Cellebrite Community portal.

Joining this platform gives you exclusive access to early product releases such as the above-mentioned and others.  

Listen to the episode to see a full demonstration of the new features available in this new version. 

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