Special Guest: Kathryn Hedley – Forensic Specialist and SANS Institute Instructor

In this episode, Kathryn will join us from the UK to talk about her new FOR308: Digital Forensics Essentials course at the SANS Institute—what it is and why it is relevant. This is a foundational course meant to expose people to the fundamental principles of data, digital forensics, and incident response. Kathryn will answer common questions such as:

  • What is metadata?
  • How do you recover data?
  • What happens when you delete a file?

Kathryn has been doing digital forensics for the last 12 years in a variety of roles. Starting her career with zero experience, she secured a position while working on her master’s degree in digital forensics.

Her education covered the basics of file systems, manual parsing, and data-related topics. This gave her a good grounding for moving into a forensic role. She went on to work for solicitors on legal cases and then moved into incident response and malware investigations.

Today she is a digital forensics freelancer who works with multiple HR departments of companies to assist with employee disciplinary cases.

Watch the show to get an overview of the course.

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