Special Guest: Stephanie Kurtz Technical Account Expert at Cellebrite

In this episode, Stephanie will share her perspective on investigations and examinations from an intelligence perspective. She will explain how it is similar to the law enforcement perspective and also how it differs.

She has been doing investigations for the past eleven years and has worked in many different areas including civil cases, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, criminal cases, as well as others.

How does intel differ from traditional law enforcement?

Law enforcement investigations usually start from a specific incident and then expand from there. With intel, however, investigations can start from any type of lead including identification of a potential person of interest or more specific incidents. While law enforcement investigations are primarily proactive, intel can be reactive or proactive. Overall, intel is also much less specific than law enforcement.

Law enforcement and intel also differ in the following categories:

  • Cross Case Analysis – consistency of application use, organization-specific patterns.

  • Artifact Review- device attribution, keyword lists, types of applications, and more

Listen to the full episode to learn more investigations and examinations from an intelligence perspective.

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