As Part of Your Agencies Cloud Initiatives, Deploy Cellebrite’ Pathfinder Investigative Analytics Solution in Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud Environments to:

  • Create investigative continuity from wherever you work
  • Enable data protection with a simplified infrastructure 
  • Reduce IT overhead associated with critical systems deployment and management

Investigative analytics is a game changer. And Cellebrite Pathfinder, which enables investigative units to process digital data efficiently and effectively with advanced filtering, categorization, tagging and analyzing capabilities, is leading law enforcement agencies into the age of digital investigations. Designed to quickly uncover and surface leads, Cellebrite Pathfinder identifies new insights and connections throughout the investigation, and delivers court-ready reports.

jefferson parish badge“Analytics software allows us to look at multiple cases, compare phones to each other, and really take a deep dive. Instead of handing a detective a thumb drive with one phone on it, we now give them access to multiple phones in a case…analytics is only going to strengthen us, moving forward.” – Deputy Chief, Timothy Scanlan, Jefferson Parish Police Department


Cellebrite has built its reputation within the global public safety and justice community by working closely with its customers to anticipate future needs and deliver innovative solutions and services that aid agencies in mastering the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations. With dedication and commitment, we work with industry leaders to help them protect and safeguard assets with efficiency and transparency, and to accelerate justice in the process.

As part of Cellebrite’s end-to-end Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform, Pathfinder is helping investigative teams accelerate justice across the globe.

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Cellebrite Pathfinder is an industry-leading investigative analytics solution that helps investigators and analysts in Federal, State and Local use analytics to expedite investigations related to Crimes Against Children, Narcotics Trafficking, Violent Crimes and more.

Cellebrite Pathfinder Can Now Be Deployed in the Cloud

As we continue to work with our federal government and law enforcement partners to provide advanced AI and analytics capabilities, we are pleased to announce that we can now help agencies deploy Pathfinder in their existing Microsoft Azure or AWS environments.

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The global pandemic impacted all of us in unimaginable ways, but it also presented opportunities for public safety and justice organizations to further their Cloud initiatives and evolve to meet the demands of new ways to work.

“For many police agencies, COVID-19 pointedly highlighted gaps in digital maturity. Even agencies with very advanced digital workflows found themselves unable to provide core services because of fundamental gaps in core infrastructure — that is, missing elements of the tech-stack foundations — that would allow them to work remotely and securely.” – Dr. Allison Brooks, Research Vice President, Worldwide Public Safety, IDC

To date, select agencies across the globe have experienced the benefits of deploying Cellebrite Pathfinder in the Cloud, including:

  • Significantly reducing planning and time to implementation
  • Taking advantage of the inherent security protocols in Azure and AWS
  • Creating investigative continuity with remote access for team members
  • Reducing IT overhead and lowers costs with centralized control over virtual infrastructure
  • Lessening challenges of data migration, data protection and management
  • Increasing computing power

Cloud Computing in Law Enforcement

According to a recent survey by IACP, today, over half of global agencies use or are considering using the Cloud. The Cloud aids law enforcement and justice organizations to handle the influx of digital evidence involved in today’s cases, securely protect and manage data in the course of an investigation and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of the capabilities and benefits of running Pathfinder in the Cloud, please contact your Cellebrite account manager or simply send us a request here.

Cellebrite Pathfinder in Action

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