Special Guests: Geraldine Blay, K-9 Handler at Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Trent Barcroft, Owner of Four Legs Forensics

In this episode, we are joined by Geraldine Blay, Detective/K-9 handler at Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, and Trent Barcroft, owner/handler of Four Legs Forensics, LLC. They both have K-9s who conduct electronic detection searches in support of digital forensics. We are also joined by special guests Siri and Lizzie, two K-9s who will show you what a day in their life is like.

Electronic detection K-9s, much like bomb dogs or drug dogs, are trained to detect a target odor. The target odor in this unusual and unique job is a chemical coding that is on virtually all memory storage devices. Anything that has a memory storage chip or circuit can be detected by the dogs’ sense of smell.

These animals are largely used in trying to find hidden evidence when a search warrant is executed. As you might imagine, a perpetrator hiding a Sim card or thumb drive can present a challenge for a human investigator. Dogs, on the other hand, are able to simplify and speed up the process by finding these devices through their amazingly sensitive sense of smell.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about this incredibly unique world of K-9 electronic detection and to hear about some real-life examples of these K-9s and their handlers in action.

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