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Defend the Case
Preserve Public Safety

Prosecutors Need to Trust the Evidence

Maintaining accuracy, authenticity and integrity of evidence throughout the chain of custody is a must. When it comes to building a strong case, the entire team needs to deliver reliable, defensible data at every stage.

  • Maintain digital evidentiary integrity at every step

    The digital insights and artifacts gathered over the course of an investigation have become essential building blocks for almost every case. From data capture through analysis, forensically sound processes protect the integrity of digital evidence at every step to ensure it is defensible in court.

  • Increase conviction rates with accuracy and speed

    You need data that can help you tell the whole story, with the credibility to back it up. Access better quality evidence to build stronger cases and improve conviction rates. Create compelling presentations of digital intelligence to more effectively present the evidence surrounding a crime.

  • Manage the volume of evidence

    Huge volumes of disparate data can make the smoking gun feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Automate processing and complex analysis to accelerate insights and form the basis of a strong, defensible case.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of digital evidence

    As digital data is involved in an increasing number of cases, prosecutors need to be involved in how a forensically sound case is built from the start. Train with forensic professionals to understand what evidence is possible to access, and learn how to use forensic tools to discover new insights that help you prosecute more effectively.


Analyze and collaborate in real time to reduce case preparation time

Shorten time to evidence using powerful, simplified data analysis tools that help you collaborate more seamlessly with other investigative team members. Easily correlate, filter and visualize large volumes of disparate data sources, including historical cases, into a unified view and automate complex analytics to gather evidence faster than ever. Generate compelling presentations and visualizations to help juries understand the evidence presented and secure more convictions.

Product Offers

  • Central Management System

    Ensure evidence integrity

    Simplify how you manage and control deployed forensics tools with Cellebrite’s Central Management System.

  • Cellebrite Reader

    Share insights with the case team

    Explore intelligence from the extraction report in a simple, intuitive format.

  • Cellebrite Analytics

    Solve Cases Faster

    Automatically surface formative leads and discover key evidence from every bit and byte of digital data in the critical hours of an investigation.


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