Special guest: Brian Carrier, CTO at Basis

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In this episode, Brian Carrier, author of File System Forensic Analysis will discuss Autopsy training and cyber triage, the Forensic 4:cast Awards, and several other projects he is involved in.

Carrier’s book takes a deep dive into a subject that has rarely been discussed—how file systems in computers really work and how evidence found there can impact criminal investigations. This definitive source is one that every digital investigator will want to keep close by as a reference.

Among the many questions Carrier will answer in this podcast are:

  • When you wrote File System Forensic Analysis did you think that it would still be holding its own today?
  • Is Autopsy training still free?

Listen to the podcast to hear what categories Carrier has been nominated for in the Forensic 4:cast Awards and many more topics – also vote for Cellebrite in multiple categories – vote here.

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