2020 NW Regional ICAC Conference

October 8: 11 AM EDT/8 AM PDT – 5 PM EDT/2 PM PDT
October 9: 11 AM EDT/8 AM PDT – 5 PM EDT/2 PM PDT

Cellebrite is participating in the upcoming NW Regional ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Conference, which is being held virtually October 8-9. This conference is intended to provide training and techniques for the 61 US ICAC task forces (plus many international task forces focusing on child exploitation), to develop effective, sustainable, responses to online child victimization.

Our sessions, conducted by leading members of Cellebrite’s team, will focus on the effective use of digital data to aid in the fight against child exploitation. Attendees will learn how to access and leverage digital data to its fullest potential to resolve investigations faster and protect our children.

Cellebrite sessions include:

Session Name: Strategies and Techniques for ICAC Triage and On-scene Forensics

Session Time: October 8 at 11:30 AM/8:30 AM – 1:00 PM/10:00 AM

Speaker: Charlie Rubisoff, Sr. Contract Instructor

Synopsis: This session will address ICAC-specific techniques for on-scene digital forensic examinations. It will also address search warrant preparation, on-scene communication, officer safety, and some thoughts on equipment loadout.

Session Name: uNcov3r1n’ What Criminals Don’t Want You To Find!

Session Time: October 9: 11:30 AM/8:30 AM – 1:00 PM/10:00 AM

Speakers: Ronen Engler, Sr. Manager Technology & Innovation, and Heather Mahalik, Sr. Director of Digital Intelligence

Synopsis: One of the biggest mistakes criminals make is assuming that they’ve sufficiently hidden or erased all traces of their illicit activities, with no hope of recovery. Despite these efforts, our phones are still tracking our every move – even those intended to hide other actions. This talk will dive into the logs that track those data entries and will cover applications designed to hide information from prying eyes. Together we will uncover as much evidence left behind by the criminal as possible.

Learn more about the NW Regional ICAC Conference and how you can attend here.

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