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Learn First-Hand How Leading Investigators Obtained Evidence From Encrypted Mobile Devices

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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Colin Fagan, Forensics Examiner with the Southern Oregon High-Tech Cyber Crimes Task Force and Dott. Mattia Epifani, Mobile Device Security Analyst with RE@LITY NET, will be sharing how CAIS’s unlocking solutions helped crack their cases in this on-demand webinar.
During the webinar, you will:
  • Learn how CAIS can gain you access to previously inaccessible digital data and intelligence
  • Understand what forensically sound options are available to augment your  agency skill sets so you can solve your most complex digital  investigative challenges.


  • Colin Fagan Digital Evidence Forensic Examiner at Southern Oregon High-Tech Cyber Crimes Task Force
  • Mattia Epifani Chief Executive Officer at RE@LITY NET
  • Maurice Cook Senior Director, Systems Engineering Cellebrite USA
  • Dan Embury Technical Director at Cellebrite Advanced Investigative Services (CAIS)