As digital intelligence leaders in the fast-paced world of technology, we find it is critical for our customers to gain a deep understanding of how to leverage the latest digital innovations. This is why we created Cellebrite Connect events.

During Connect 2020 events around the world, attendees will get a firsthand look at the total range of value Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform can provide while gaining a deeper understanding of the effective results they can attain with this powerful solution.

The Connect 2020 experience is a one-day, immersive event where attendees have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities, hear from industry and Cellebrite thought leaders, and network with peers. The event will showcase Cellebrite’s comprehensive Digital Intelligence Platform via a range of demonstrations, discussions, and practical workshops.

Attendees will gain a solid understanding of how digital intelligence can help agencies solve cases faster and why implementing a Digital Intelligence strategy into their existing workflows can transform the way they access data, realize insights, and act upon evidence anytime, anywhere.

Participants will also have the chance to interact with Cellebrite product experts to learn about our latest releases, product roadmap, advanced services, and training opportunities.

Cellebrite Connect 2020 Highlights:

  • Experience the future of digital policing firsthand from our product and DI experts.
  • See how digital intelligence can help your agency solve cases faster.
  • Learn how to generate important leads and critical insights from the latest unlocking, extraction, and analysis solutions.
  • Network with peers – other law enforcement personnel who can relate to you and your agency.
  • Participate in discussions surrounding your successes and challenges, and learn from each other about how to face them.

Cellebrite Connect 2020 brings together the best innovators and experts in the industry, for a special day of learning and networking.

Don’t miss this exclusive event. Register today to attend a Cellebrite Connect 2020 event near you. The list of events is constantly updated so stay tuned.

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