Special Guest: Kevin Ripa President and CEO of The Grayson Group, SANS Certified Instructor

In this episode, we are joined by Kevin Ripa, President and CEO of the Grayson Group and a SANS certified instructor. He will be talking about his new YouTube series called “#3minsmax.” We are also joined by Josh, who will talk about some issues with public iOS images, ways to work around the issues, and how to parse and handle them properly.

Kevin created #3minsmax to teach a daily lesson on DFIR. It’s a brilliant series of videos that will only take three minutes of your time. Due to its time limit, Kevin ensures that the title of the show is exactly what is talked about and explained in the episode. He understands that most people do not have hours to learn new materials, which is why he has created this series.

As Kevin says, “everyone has three minutes.” There is so much that can be learned even in such a short period of time. Although some of the talks may contain a lot of information given at a very fast rate, there is always the opportunity to pause to learn more and read further with the materials provided.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about Kevin’s amazing new YouTube series, how to suggest topics for his series, and also to hear from Josh about the solving the issues with the public iOS images he uploaded.

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