Special Guest: Matthias Frielingsdorf – Senior Specialist for Mobile Security at Deutsche Bahn AG

In this episode, we are joined by Matthias Frielingsdorf who will be talking in-depth about iOS malware. Matthias works at the Team Mobile Security at Deutsche Bahn AG and he is passionate about iOS security. He is also working on his master thesis on iOS operating system exploit detection.

Things to Remember About iOS

  • iOS is seen as a secure mobile operating system. Jailbreaking and targeting attacks are the main security risks.
  • Only two advanced malware attacks are known- Google Findings and Pegasus
  • Many companies claim to detect exploits/jailbreaks on iOS, but the assessment of the efficacy of these apps is not easy.

Matthias will delve deeper into the world of iOS malware, focusing on these main topics:

  • iOS basics
  • Jailbreaks
  • iOS malware
  • Building malware
  • Detecting malware

Listen to the full episode to hear an in-depth explanation of the world of iOS malware.

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