Special guest: Ronen Engler – Senior Manager of Technology & Innovation at Cellebrite

Twitter handle: @TheNewMyself

Although Ronen now lives in Seattle, he was born in Israel. He has a very technical background and was taking things apart and putting them back together even at a young age. He has electrical engineering degrees and received his Masters from NYU in 2007. He joined Cellebrite in 2010.

In this episode, Ronen is going to talk about the gap between public digital engagement and technology adoption, and where investigators are today in terms of how they get the most out of digital evidence. He will discuss how Cellebrite is introducing new ways to do more with digital information that has been extracted for analysis during investigations.

Ronen will focus on the media categorization feature of Cellebrite Pathfinder that provides media analytics. Media categorization organizes media files such as pictures and videos according to predefined categories or custom-defined categories.

Cellebrite Pathfinder simplifies data analysis by surfacing relevant evidence within typically relevant investigation categories such as drugs, weapons, and money. He will also introduce you to a convenient new dashboard that displays the highlights of the categorized data.

Learn how you can do more with your existing digital evidence in the podcast.

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