Special Guest: Jack Farley, Computer Forensics Major, CompSci Minor at Champlain College 2020

In this episode, Jack Farley, a recent graduate of Champlain College, discusses the mobile evidence acquisition toolkit as well as the APFS decryption with Python.

Jack previously worked for Blackstone Discovery, a dedicated legal technology partner of AM Law 100 firms and Fortune 500 companies out of Palo Alto, CA. He also interned at Stroz Friedberg Incidents Response and at Sony where he specialized in digital forensics. He spoke at the Magnet User Summit in 2019.

Jack is also the co-creator of the Magnet Virtual Summit 2020 CTF and the former president of the Champlain College digital forensics organization. Jack maintains his website Farley Forensics that focuses on digital forensics research and development.

Jack will deliver an overview of why and how he created the Mobile Evidence Acquisition Toolkit (MEAT) as well as its current capabilities and what he wants to see from it in the future.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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