Modernizing Investigations is a Cellebrite video series that explores the digital challenges law enforcement is facing – and how to transform them to close the public safety gap.

In this episode, Matt Goeckel North America Solutions Engineer at Cellebrite, explores critical topics relating to the overwhelming importance of digital evidence with Brian Kramer, State Attorney, Eighth Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.

There is an overview of the 3 phases of relevance to prosecutors of Digital Intelligence in an investigation:

  1. The investigative with law enforcement phase
  2. The investigative with prosecution phase
  3. The prosecution phase

Topics discussed include:

  1. The value of defensible digital evidence presented in court
  2. How this is changing how prosecutors do their job
  3. How courts relate to privacy
  4. Funding efforts – prosecutors, AG, DAs

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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