Purpose-built UFED Analytics Solutions make all sources of digital data immediately visible and actionable, enabling a future-proof, end-to-end digital forensics investigative workflow

Petah Tikvah, Israel — 24 May 2016 – Cellebrite, the leader in forensic extraction, decoding and analysis solutions, today unveiled its new UFED Analytics Platform. Together with its powerful UFED data acquisition solutions, Cellebrite’s new analytics offering delivers intuitive data analysis and management capabilities that instantly unify law enforcement and prosecution teams, accelerate investigations and generate defensible evidence. Cellebrite’s Analytics product family is comprised of three offerings:  UFED Analytics  is designed to meet the needs of a single forensic practitioner; UFED Analytics Workgroup addresses the needs of a small investigative team; and UFED Analytics Enterprise is built to support hundreds of users managing data across numerous cases. These solutions empower examiners, analysts, investigators and prosecutors to simultaneously organize, search, map, visualize and manage large sets of digital data to identify case critical evidence quickly and efficiently.

Cellebrite’s new UFED Analytics product family delivers a core set of analytic capabilities that bring unprecedented power to investigative teams.  Advanced text, image, video, geolocation and link analysis capabilities deliver the deepest, most accurate insights possible, automating complex analytical tasks   and allowing investigators to discover critical case details in real time.  A planned case highlights mechanism applies predefined rules to reveal the “most important” pieces of information within large data sets.  These analytic engines are designed specifically for digital investigations and will become a foundation for future enhancements that further transform the workflows that digital evidence practitioners employ to solve their cases.

Cellebrite’s new UFED Analytics Platform provides a progressive range of data management and analysis capabilities which include the ability to automatically merge, decode, index and store digital data sources – even historical case extractions – in a centralized robust digital forensics library to help analysts and investigators easily view and document all forensics artifacts. Available advanced user and case-level permission management controls ensure authorized stakeholders can view data independently or collaboratively as needed throughout the investigative process. All UFED Analytics solutions are designed to maximize current forensics technology investments and work with current data storage capabilities and policies.

“To work cases faster, investigators need direct access to all digital forensic evidence,” said Cellebrite Corporate Co-CEO Ron Serber. “Relying on the manual review of digital data – which is what is done today — increases the chance of leaving valuable evidence behind. The new UFED Analytics Platform automates digital data analysis and case management tasks, saving valuable time and investigative costs. Our customers tell us its fundamentally transforming their forensics investigation process.”

New Analytics Solutions at a Glance

UFED Analytics

The standalone UFED Analytics application simplifies and automates analytical tasks, allowing users to easily identify the critical relationships that can focus investigations. By immediately linking and unifying multiple disparate data sources, UFED Analytics helps generate leads and uncover actionable insights from existing call logs, application data, text messages, locations, private cloud sources, images, videos and more. This powerful, cost-effective forensics tool allows digital data to be viewed from multiple angles and isolate key details for easy analysis and reporting to case stakeholders.  UFED Analytics will be generally available in July 2016.

UFED Analytics Workgroup

Designed for 50 users or less, UFED Analytics Workgroup delivers a local client-server solution that efficiently and effectively manages hundreds of digital data sources. It empowers a dedicated group of investigators, analysts and examiners to centrally store, review, analyze and cross-reference all available case data simultaneously via web-based tools. After an administrator loads data sources to a local server and assigns one or more investigators, the investigators can then log in and immediately review the data – no manual analysis required. UFED Analytics Workgroup is available on a limited basis today to qualified customers.

UFED Analytics Enterprise

UFED Analytics Enterprise supports a complete, end-to-end, digital forensics workflow. This scalable platform enables anywhere from tens to hundreds of users to collaborate on a case or perform cross-case analysis simultaneously. Whether handling forensics operations for a single department, an entire agency or multiple agencies, UFED Analytics Enterprise simplifies the complexity associated with managing and correlating forensic digital data. UFED Analytics Workgroup is available on a limited basis today to qualified customers.

“Investigators and prosecutors have intimate knowledge of the cases they work, yet don’t have the tools to find the evidence they need quickly and must instead rely on sifting through large extraction reports to uncover leads,” said Serber. “Our UFED Analytics solutions automate time-intensive analytical tasks, enabling them to instantly see common connections, merge data about the same person across multiple data sources, filter data based on relevant parameters and – most notably – apply key findings in real time.”

A force multiplier, the UFED Analytics Platform delivers the deepest, most accurate insights possible from the widest variety of mobile digital data sources – UFED and other forensics tools, private cloud, Telco and mobile applications – maximizing resources and accelerating investigative actions. To learn more, visit us online at www.cellebrite.com.


Cellebrite: Digital Intelligence for a Safer World

Digital data plays an increasingly important role in investigations and operations of all kinds. Making data accessible, collaborative and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. As the global leader in digital intelligence with more than 60,000 licenses deployed in 150 countries, we provide law enforcement, military, intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions for digital forensics, triage and analytics.

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