In this episode, we will be joined by Anastacia Ezrets, the Product Business Manager at Cellebrite for Pathfinder. Anastacia will demonstrate new and key features in Cellebrite Pathfinder, which was previously called “Analytics.”

Before she delves into the new features this product has to offer, Anastacia will explain the basics of Cellebrite Pathfinder for those who may not be familiar with this solution. Cellebrite Pathfinder is a powerful data aggregator that simplifies the workflow and lives of investigators and analysts. Unlike other products, Pathfinder is a people-centric system, which means that the evidence is presented with reference to its association with people.

“Chatsview” and “Top Analysis” are the new Cellebrite Pathfinder features that will be discussed by Anastacia. Chatsview, which is dedicated to conversation analysis, aggregates all communication types (chat messages, SMS, MMS) from two or more people into a single thread. Topic Analysis is an AI-based engine, which is able to identify topics by proximity to a word. It then allows conversation threads to be filtered not only by just one word but the entire topic.

Listen to the full podcast to see the entire live demo, hear questions and answers regarding Cellebrite Pathfinder, and learn more about this amazing tool and its new features.

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