Special Guest: Mitch Kajzer, Director of the Cybercrimes Unit

In this episode, we are joined by Mitch Kajzer who is the Director of the Cybercrimes Unit at St. Joseph’s at the Notre Dame University. Mitch also runs a program from interns at Notre Dame and an internship program at the St. Joseph’s Cybercrime Unit. This session is going to be hosted by Mitch Kajzer, the Director of the Cybercrime Unit, and four of his current interns:

  • Lexie Van Den Heuvel, Senior Investigator (Senior)
  • Laura Hernandez, Senior Investigator (Junior)
  • Julia Gately, Senior Investigator (Junior)
  • Brianna Drummond, Senior Investigator. (Junior)

They will discuss the details of the program, how they became badged officers, and how they are capable of making arrests and working legitimate cases while working toward their degrees. They will also explain how they are able to work on any police investigations without any of the usual roadblocks associated with students or interns.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about this incredibly unique program and to hear from the creator and the interns themselves.

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