Last week, a blog published by Signal made several assertions about Cellebrite and our solutions. We would like to address any confusion that post caused.

The post highlighted purported issues in Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) and Physical Analyzer (PA) that was shown in a sterile environment without many other typical real-world safeguards. This scenario was reviewed, as the company does with all such reports, and a minor update was issued within hours. Software companies regularly release patches and updates—often weekly and sometimes more frequently—to constantly make improvements. Cellebrite is no different.

Customers should be assured that information garnered from Cellebrite solutions is forensically sound.

In addition, Cellebrite solutions continue to support access and analysis for a variety of operating systems, including iOS.

Cellebrite is a trusted advisor and provider of advanced technology solutions for digital investigations to law enforcement and enterprise organizations globally. Just as they have for the last 14 years, our customers continue to place their confidence in our ability to provide accurate, secure and forensically reliable software, systems and reports. We have set the industry standard in security practices and for producing and supporting high quality investigative software. We are dedicated to working directly with our customers to address their digital investigation needs and stand behind their mission to accelerate justice, protect, and save lives and preserve data privacy.

Cellebrite is a part of a greater software community that works jointly to keep one another informed, aid each other when appropriate, and maintain transparency as a unified front. We welcome all parties who sit on the side of constantly improving technology to join us in this collaborative effort.

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