In this episode, we introduce the upcoming Cellebrite Capture the Flag event where we share details, documents, and text files relevant to the challenges. In this second-ever Cellebrite CTF we have a wide cast of characters involved in the simulated data.

This year’s CTF has a similar structure to last year but with many different aspects as well such as a Windows 10 data collection. The investigative scenario is based on a car theft ring selling stolen cars. Participants will need to follow the money trail.

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • 20th registration Opens; Datasets available for download (only)
  • 27th Password for data sets
  • 28th 00:00hrs (12:00 AM) EDT the CTF Goes Live – Questions open
  • 1st 23:59hrs (11:59 PM) EDT the CTF Ends
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