In this episode, we will be discussing some of the common issues and pain points all examiners have dealt with while working with mobile phones, specifically when parsing applications from iOS and Android devices.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • Is it better to avoid using tools such as App Genie, fuzzy model, and location carving when providing information to an investigation stakeholder who does not know how to validate, has not taken the proper Cellebrite training, or does not know how to use the tools, all of which require validation?

  • Is it better to carve it even if it could result in a false positive?

  • Should there be a confidence score on artifacts?

  • Do confidence scores do more harm than good when it comes to reports?

  • Can you remove the confidence score from the report as the jury often does not understand the meaning of it and it causes them to doubt an artifact?

  • Should confidence scores be given a new name?

Listen to the full episode to hear an in-depth discussion regarding common difficulties that arise while parsing apps from iOS and Android devices.

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