With each new generation of smartphone and constant updates to operating systems, Cellebrite’s Security Research Labs (SRL) must continuously innovate to provide answers to new challenges they bring. 

Cellebrite is fortunate to have the most talented group of researchers in the world that help us remain the unmatched leader in digital intelligence solutions. CAS is the first to gain access to these unique breakthroughs, allowing us to assist with important investigations by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

After thorough quality assurance testing and system hardening, many of these unique breakthroughs are now incorporated into Cellebrite Premium.  Other, less sensitive capabilities are available in Cellebrite UFED, which continues to be the most innovative platform in the industry for accessing and forensically extracting data, including bypassing or removing device locks.

No problem is impossible until we say so.  Any smartphone or operating system designed and built by humans can likely be broken by the dedicated and passionate experts in our Security Research Labs.

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