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Policing 2025: Envisioning a New Framework for Investigations

Alison Brooks, IDCs Vice President for the Public Safety Sector, explores the critical juncture the global law enforcement community is at today in this exclusive whitepaper from IDC:​

  • The complexity of digitally mediated crime in the 21st century.
  • Addressing “techlash” against perceived use of technology and data.
  • The pressures to fundamentally rethink the role of law enforcement, and to reestablish community trust.

Combined, these challenges strike at the core of policing. But they also present an opportunity to re-envision a new digital policing framework. More now than ever, law enforcement agencies need solutions that can address the complexities of digital investigations, help manage volumes of digital intelligence, and solve crime in a timely and legal fashion.

This white paper examines how digital intelligence platforms can provide the strategic vectors through which agencies can transform and prepare for 2025 and beyond.​