8 Reasons to Upgrade to Cellebrite Pathfinder 8.0

Version8.0  |  Cellebrite Pathfinder  |  April 30, 2019

The new AI-powered Cellebrite Pathfinder solution raises the bar on what’s possible during the critical hours of an investigation.

With streamlined case creation from UFED Physical Analyzer, automatically surface formative leads, key evidence, and actionable insights. Easily convert anonymous identifiers, like emails and phone numbers, into specific persons to map connections.

Eliminate time-consuming manual review of images, video, and data to only focus on what matters at the beginning of an investigation and create an easy-to-understand visual report of the findings.

Here are 8 reasons to upgrade to Cellebrite Pathfinder 8.0 to accelerate time-to-evidence:

  1. Streamline cases from Cellebrite Physical Analyzer
    Save time by streamlining data ingestion directly from Cellebrite Physical Analyzer into Cellebrite Pathfinder with a one-click handover. 
  1. Know what to focus on first with the dashboard
    The new dashboard gives a bird’s-eye view of what matters most with key insights for you to look at right away. It consolidates and organizes all media and data points through media categorization, contacts analysis, and core third-party interaction to highlight the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of a crime.
  1. Recognize people, places, and things
    Media Analytics automatically detects and categorizes images and video frames related to key categories, such as child exploitation, weapons, money, drugs, nudity, documents, and more. Quickly identify persons of interest with advanced facial recognition and categorization to surface leads and expand the investigation by making automatic connections between media files.
  1. Search video for people, places, and things with Video Synopsis
    Video Category Synopsis speeds time-to-evidence with the automatic categorization of individual video frames so investigators can focus only on the frame or frames of interest within a specific video file. Different predefined categories are clearly marked on the video playback bar including scenes containing nudity, flags, cars, and more.
  1. Create your own media categories

    If there is a need to find something specific to your case, that is not part of the out-of-the-box categories provided with Pathfinder, Media Analytics delivers industry-first custom media categorization capabilities. Feed multiple pictures into Cellebrite Pathfinder to “train” the system’s machine-learning algorithms to identify items/subjects of interest.

  1. Visualize case reports
    When investigators find data relevant to a case, they can take a snapshot of the information as it appears in the system. This capturing mechanism allows the data to be captured with the relevant context (e.g., displayed on the map, displayed as a conversation bubble, displayed as a link graph) and is stored in a “report builder.”
  1. View numerous identifiers as a single person
    Understand a suspect’s complete digital persona and their map of connections, as Pathfinder automatically aggregates and merges multiple identifiers across different sources.
  1. Analyze any video format
    Video investigation solutions, such as Input Ace, are now integrated with Pathfinder to allow a one-click handover of video files into the platform. This will enable comparisons between external video sources and phone-stored video, as well as recognition of benchmark footage to assist with media categorization and video synopsis output.