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Cellebrite Business Solutions

Protect Corporate Assets
Strengthen Civil Cases


Quickly Find and Report on the Key Evidence to Prove the Case.

With Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Solution you can extract mobile data from one to hundreds of mobile devices – giving you quick access to the large amounts of data you require. However, extracting the data is only half the challenge. Cellebrite’s analytics solutions include advanced algorithms and machine learning that allow you to quickly find and report on the key evidence to prove the case.

A Solution Tailored to your Needs

  • Corporations

    Designed for businesses that conduct investigations to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. This includes research, financial or corruption investigations and some eDiscovery, Cellebrite has the right solution for you. Extract from a multitude of devices

    · Quickly review application data
    · Collect data remotely
    · Centralized management control
    · Supports eDiscovery needs
  • Service Providers

    Designed for professional and managed services companies that work with litigation, eDiscovery and investigations for law firms and corporations, Cellebrite has the ideal eDiscovery solution for you.

    · Quickly search and sort through data
    · Universal Concordance integration
    · Reduce separation time between custodian and device
    · Deliver data and reports to meet timelines
    · Supports corporate investigations

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