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Seek the Truth in Your Investigations Involving Children on The Internet

When dealing with crimes on the Internet involving children, mobile and computer device data are often hidden in dark places. Evidence is usually hidden in a range of apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Google, What’s App, Kik, and Facebook. Searching these sources can create mountains of data and reviewing this data deluge manually can drastically slow investigations.

Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform helps catch these sexual predators by getting the evidence you need, fast. Below you’ll find an overview of key tools that comprise a comprehensive solution to fight Internet crimes against children.

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Cellebrite Pathfinder

Automatically surface formative leads and discover key evidence from every bit and byte of digital data in the critical hours of an investigation.

  • Recognize people, places, and objects in images.
  • Skip to relevant scenes within videos.
  • View numerous identifiers as a single person.
  • Automatically multi-source data ingestion.
Computer Access Analysis Law Enforcement

Cellebrite Inspector

Quickly analyze computer volumes and mobile devices to shed light on user actions.

  • Categorize images using Image Analyzer.
  • Take advantage of smart indexing.
  • Export Logical Evidence Files (.L01 format).
  • Add AFF4 evidence from MacQuisition 2019 R1 to support the latest Apple systems with the T2 chip or APFS Fusion.
cellebrite ufed cloud

Cellebrite UFED Cloud

Extract, preserve and analyze public- and private-domain social-media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process.

  • Gather social- and cloud-based data easily.
  • Fulfill requests for cloud-based private data.
  • Capture and review public data.
  • Visualize data in a unified format.
Cellebrite Guardian

Cellebrite Guardian

Manage all case data from one centralized system to improve investigative efficiency and expedite the flow of cases.

  • Utilize a single point of control for the lifecycle of each case.
  • Empower real-time visibility across your agency.
  • Ensure quality and compliance.
  • Increase operational efficiency.

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