Special guest: Dan Embury – Technical Director of Cellebrite Advanced Services (CAS)

Twitter: @dan_techcrime

In this episode, Dan talks about his professional career path from his days as a student at the University of Ottawa, Canada, through to his current position as Technical Director of CAS.

Dan discusses a novel solution to a tricky problem that arose when a manufacturer intentionally didn’t route all data signals on the circuit board top and bottom layer. Dan explains the innovative way they were able to use lasers to drill through to a chip to access missing data signals then make the necessary connections in the band wires manually and, lastly, fill it with liquid metal to restore functionality.

The ultimate goal was to find data, clock, and command.

Be sure to follow Dan’s new twitter account. He will start tweeting out CAS relevant capabilities, knowledge, and cases of how CAS helped to make an impact on customer cases as well as news stories or rulings that are already in the public domain where CAS played a vital role.

Cellebrite Advanced Services is a team of highly professional, certified digital forensics and court-qualified experts with years of proven, hands-on experience in law enforcement. CAS partners with you to overcome the toughest encryption mechanisms using cutting-edge, forensically sound methods taken directly from the Cellebrite Security Research Labs.

Located in 10 labs around the world, CAS helps advance your most challenging cases wherever you may be.

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