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Solving the Mystery Behind Imaging a Mac Computer

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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As every year passes, Apple computers become more and more complex.  Before any analysis of data can occur, the digital forensic examiner must first forensically acquire the device.  But to do so, an examiner must consider:

  • What file system do they expect to encounter?
  • Is the system installed with a fusion drive?
  • Is FileVault2 enabled on the system?
  • Is a T2 security chip installed on the system?

Join BlackBag’s Solution Engineers, Tim Thorne and Stephanie Thompson as they use Digital Collector to walk you through acquiring the various types of Mac computers installed with APFS and/or a T2 secured Mac computer, taking the mystery away of imaging. 

About our BlackBag Presenters:

Stephanie Thompson, Solutions Engineer

Stephanie has a been a digital forensics analyst working in the Federal Government space for 15 years prior to coming to BlackBag. Her background is primarily in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence investigations, but also worked closely with federal law enforcement agencies on a routine basis. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from George Mason University, and Masters of Forensic Science degree from George Washington University. She loves to tackle interesting problems in the community, and hopes to go back for her PhD in the next couple of years.

Tim Thorne, Solutions Engineer

Tim has been a Solutions Engineer with BlackBag since April 2016. Before his time with BlackBag, he completed 30 years of service with the Metropolitan Police in London where, prior to roles in Digital Forensics, he worked from New Scotland Yard engaged in drugs, murder and robbery investigations across London. He specialized in long term covert internal corruption investigations and later became the Anti-Corruption Command lab manager for network and digital forensic investigations targeting corrupt police officers and those seeking to corrupt them. He went on to become a Digital Forensic Operations Manager for the New Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism unit where he managed a large team responsible for exploiting digital media associated with those engaged in acts of terrorism both in outside of the UK. Tim enjoys travelling with his family, walking his dog and recently moved to France to enjoy, amongst other things, the weather and amazing road cycling.

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