As cellphone, body cam, and surveillance camera capabilities advance, video footage is becoming an increasingly important source of digital evidence for investigators. The surge in video’s importance, however, is creating new challenges for agency managers who must account for the vast amounts of digital video evidence that is being collected at the time of the event to determine actionable intelligence from video sources quickly.

Video evidence tends to generate massive backlogs of data files. Some of the key issues facing agency teams include having to manage huge files related to investigations, protecting the privacy of files, and the ability to properly catalog video footage to preserve the chain of evidence.  More importantly is being able to derive actionable intelligence from such large files to expedite cases, which can make incorporating video analysis into the investigative workflow even more challenging.

Everyone with a touchpoint to an investigation must have the right technology to effectively manage cases, analyze video evidence, and create chronological narratives and timelines. Whether from body cams, video files, or video surveillance, investigators are challenged with seamlessly piecing together footage, converting large files, and shortening time to evidence.

Working with market-leading industry partner iNPUT-ACE, Cellebrite recently introduced Cellebrite Seeker, an industry-leading solution to collect, analyze, and report on all video evidence collected during investigations.

Tools like Cellebrite Pathfinder allow investigators to easily analyze and process necessary video data using AI Media Analytics (Credit: Cellebrite)

By integrating Cellebrite Seeker with Cellebrite Pathfinder, investigators can now analyze new video footage and data and overlay it with mobile device data while incorporating the findings into a case timeline that can be easily reviewed. Using AI media analytics, Cellebrite Pathfinder automatically detects scenery, objects, and faces in video content. Then image and face similarity can correlate seemingly detached videos and images with each other, regardless of different sources of origin, lighting conditions, and picture angles. Additionally, texts found in images can be automatically processed with Optical Character Recognition technology to index words and phrases, making them searchable along with all other textual data in the investigation.

Once an image has been selected or loaded, Media Analytics will scan the database within seconds and surface images and videos that contain frames with similar objects and surroundings. (Credit: Cellebrite)

These enhanced capabilities within Cellebrite Pathfinder are allowing agency teams and investigators to shorten the time to evidence and gain a more accurate, robust, and reliable view of case data.

Cellebrite Seeker provides investigators with an enhanced picture of video evidence with new features including: 

  • Updated software saves time for investigative teams by providing a reliable and accurate view to properly analyze evidence without dropping frames or aspect ratios from video.
  • Lossless video conversion that allows teams to share high-quality video evidence in standard formats, plus metadata analysis tools enable pixel by pixel comparison to ensure accuracy.
  • Empowers teams with intuitive tools, expert training, and comprehensive support to further video-centric investigations.

As agencies transform to handle the challenges of the new digital age, having a solution that dovetails with existing Digital Intelligence platforms to make the collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of video evidence simple and easy is critical. Support and training are also important considerations when investing valuable budget dollars. Like all Cellebrite products, Cellebrite Seeker is backed by expert training by Cellebrite professionals to make integrating video analysis into your existing infrastructure and workflows seamless and fast.

To learn more about how Cellebrite Seeker can accelerate time to evidence in the cases you face, click here.


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