Special guest: Lesley Carhart – Principal Threat Analyst at Dragos

In this episode, Lesley and Heather have an open conversation about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICES) forensics and State Adversary forensics. Also, as Lesley is known for meeting people at conferences regarding enhancing their resumes to improve their job acquisition results, you’ll want to listen to get some insights for improving yours.

Lesley has been working at Dragos for over two years, ever since she heard their mission statement to “safeguard civilization.” Even though joining the fledgling startup was a risk at the time, she feels it has been a great choice.

Their ensuing success in industrial control system security has allowed better protection of civilian critical infrastructure, which includes: water, power, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and other sectors keeping homes and businesses functioning.

Control systems are different than IT systems as there are a lot of challenges that no one has figured out a solution to yet. It’s also an unusual place to be doing forensics.

There are many challenges when conducting investigations in industrial networks as there are usually a lot of legacy systems in operation. This can mean sourcing forensics tools that were relevant in 1999 for Windows95. Additionally, some of the systems can be custom firmware, which can involve having to actually go into an oil rig or refinery.

Listen to the podcast to find out about the most interesting challenges she encountered in the field.

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