Special Guest – Scott Koenig – Nevada DPS

In this episode, we are joined by Scott Koenig from the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Scott will be sharing some of the brilliant things from his new blog pertaining to testing and validation of photos on an iOS device, how photos end up on an iOS device, what happens if they’re deleted, and what traces are left behind.

Scott came across much of this information while working on a case. He then did some additional research and is here to share his findings and walk us through the methods needed to obtain similar information. His original case was based on pictures that he found, which were determined to have been sent through iOS messenger.

Scott will explain different scenarios including:

  1. If files are sent as an attachment
  2. If one of the files is deleted
  3. What traces are left behind

Listen to the full podcast to learn the details of how to obtain this type of information and the various tools that prove useful, including Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and UFED 4PC.

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