Every year our industry celebrates and acknowledges corporate and individual achievements through the Forensics 4:cast awards. Winning provides validation to both businesses and individuals for a job well done in the field of digital forensics within the innovative world of digital intelligence.

Through the combined effort of all teams at Cellebrite, we are able to maximize the potential of digital data to find actionable insights that resolve more investigations faster.

We are honored to have received the following awards:

  • Training of the Year – Cellebrite CCO & CCPA

This award is especially meaningful to us as we strive to continuously empower the DFIR Community with the best expertise to collect, analyze, and verify digital intelligence results. We are happy to report that more than 25,000 certified users have completed these courses.

Members of Cellebrite’s SRL (Security Research Labs) joined forces to support @axi0mX, @qwertyroruiop, and other notable world-class researchers and developers in the DFIR community to create the most reliable jailbreak in history. The checkra1n jailbreak was eye-opening and it provided the first public SecureROM-based jailbreak for iOS devices in almost a decade.

As pioneers of the DFIR industry, we are greatly encouraged to continue tackling the most difficult digital intelligence challenges for all of our customers.

We are also extremely proud of our very own Heather Mahalik, Senior Director of Digital Intelligence who stole the show and walked away with an astounding four awards. As an active contributor to the DFIR community, Heather constantly strives to bring technology and people together.

Heather won in the following categories:

  • DFIR Article: Won’t you back that thing up
  • DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year
  • DFIR Mentor of the Year
  • DFIR Examiner of the Year

This year, Heather is leading a series of three new Cellebrite interactive podcasts that educate, entertain, and empower the DFIR community. Be sure to check them out:

  1. Life Has No CTR+ALT+DELETE with Heather Mahalik

Register here to gain digital forensics insights every Monday and Wednesday from 12:30PM to 1PM EST.

Watch previous episodes, get details, and find out how to participate here.

  1. Carved from Unallocated – with Heather Mahalik & Matt Goeckel

Topics include challenges DI professionals face, case studies, and forensic techniques.

Watch previous episodes, get details, and find out how to participate here.

  1. Nothing to See Here? I Beg to DFIR with Ronen Engler, Heather Mahalik, Paul Lorentz & Matt Goeckel

These 30-min live shows deliver “tips and tricks” that focus on the technical side of forensics and provide answers to the most common and requested questions from our customers.

Watch previous episodes, get details, and find out how to participate here.

Again, we want to thank our customers, partners, and the entire DFIR community for bringing us to where we are today. We are committed to our continued investment in innovation, research, and community enablement through the development of leading solutions. Our accessible teams are led by experts like Heather to help you solve your toughest cases. 

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