In this episode, Kevin will talk about the many faces of ransomware in terms of the ways it is being propagated while filling in some of the blanks you may have been unaware of.

He will explore who is involved in acts of ransomware—governments, organized crime, and wannabe criminals—and how they operate much like drug cartels but with much less risk.

A few key points about Kevin and the Grayson Group include

  • The Grayson Group is the oldest private sector digital investigations company in Canada (20 years and counting).
  • Grayson is also the only digital investigations company in Canada with a fully equipped, Class 100 data recovery lab.
  • The Grayson Group is also one of a select few organizations in North America that engages in criminal defense work.
  • Kevin is a certified instructor for the SANS Institute (SEC301, SEC401, FOR498, FOR500)
  • He is also course co-author of FOR498

Everybody has a spare three minutes to learn something new about SANS and DFIR so after this podcast, check out his new SANS 3MinMax Series.

Kevin’s 3MinMax series is also on YouTube and delivers three-minute presentations on a variety of topics from within Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and to a lesser degree, Information Security.

Find out more about the exciting and evolving world of forensic video analysis during the podcast.

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