Special Guest: Jarod Koopman – Director of Cyber Crime at IRS

In this episode, we’re joined by Jarod Koopman, Director of Cyber Crime at IRS, who will discuss what it means to “think like an investigator” and the lessons learned along the way.

For over the past 100 years, the IRS has had a dedicated team whose sole focus was and is criminal investigations. Currently, around 2,000 agents and 1,000 support staff concentrate on tax-related financial crimes and other traditional financial investigations.

As Director of the Cyber Crime unit, Jarod oversees anything that deals with the internet or internet-based technologies including cryptocurrencies, the dark web, and illicit exchanges.

As the only law enforcement arm within the IRS, they also focus on:

  • Legal source tax crime
  • Illegal source tax crime
  • Counter-terrorism financing
  • Narcotics-related financial crimes
  • Transnational organized crime

To learn more about the life of a criminal investigator and the IRS Cyber Crime unit, watch this episode.

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