Special Guests: Shafik Punja and Kevin Ripa of the Grayson Group

In this episode, we will be joined by Shafik Punja and Kevin Ripa of the Grayson Group. They will be discussing and answering questions regarding warrants, consent, and other general legal topics.

As many in the civil realm have questions regarding these complicated topics, we have brought these two qualified speakers onto the show to answer in great depth all the questions you might have. Shafik Punja will start off by explaining some of the most recent case laws regarding warrants and consent that have had a large impact on law enforcement. Kevin Ripa then dives deep into the difficulties faced on the civil side.

Kevin will explain the full process of obtaining production from big corporations such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Facebook. Even in 2020, he claims that most lawyers are at a loss on how to obtain the necessary documents in order to successfully gather the information needed from these sources. As data cannot be analyzed or viewed without a proper search warrant, this proves to be a complicated process.

Because of the many complications and difficulties involved in obtaining the proper subpoena or court order, Kevin will take you through the whole process and address the common issues that arise. He will also give valuable hacks that lawyers must use in order to successfully obtain the necessary information for a case; from filing an action in court to contacting the correct custodian of record and more.

Listen to the full podcast for a more in-depth explanation of the challenges faced in the world of warrants and consent, the solutions to overcome these problems, and many other questions and answers from listeners.

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