Special Guests: Shahar Tal VP SRL and Gil Kaminker Head of Android Research at Cellebrite

In this episode, we are joined by Shahar Tal and Gil Kaminker who will discuss Cellebrite Digital Intelligence capabilities. They will be covering data collection from Android and iOS devices to include checkm8, DAR files, and what they are working for UFED data collection.

Shahar has been working for Cellebrite for the past four years and is currently the VP of SRL (Security Research Labs), which is tasked with the research and development involved with access and data collection solutions.

This team is responsible for doing the vulnerability research that goes into the creation of many Cellebrite solutions, from UFED to Advanced and Premium. There are a few teams within SRL that are divided into Android and iOS. Over the past year, there has been a lot of work put into UFED and there are many new and interesting features to be released soon.

Gil Kaminker is the head of Android research at Cellebrite. He will be explaining some of the new and upcoming features in UFED including:

  • A New and updated version called “UFED 732.”
  • Samsung’s Advanced Logical Extraction Enrichment—an almost full-file-system extraction for Samsung with much wider coverage.
  • Handling consent devices for UFED. For example, support for Samsung X Firebase Encrypted devices.
  • Support for many Qualcomm devices.

Listen to the full episode to learn more from Shahar, Gil, and Heather about all the new things that are being worked on and for a full Q&A from these knowledgeable experts.

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